Victoria Lebene Should Be Ashamed After Lying About Her Honeymoon Location

Obviously, you may disagree but many other will agree that Victoria Lebene should be ashamed about the lie she told just to impress her followers and make things look better on her side – come on!

Remember how reported on how the actress and model, currently married to blogger Eugene Nkansah, downloaded photos from google and shared them on her instagram page to pose she is having a good time in Europe with her hubby.

After busting her and revealing her true location, the actress has now come out with another photo with her true location, and as we exposed her earlier – yes, she is in Dubai.

And upon seeing her recent photos, I wonder why on earth a woman will lie to over 247,000 people on social media, all for fame?

She also shared another photo of herself standing at a luxurious location in Dubai, the Hilton, but I doubt her, because in the past week she has shown to us all that she can go all lengths to prove to the world that she’s really living life.

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