Two Homosexuals Caught Whiles Having S3x In Public Toilet

The rate at which the youth have decided to become homosexuals is becoming very scary as two alleged homosexuals have been arrested in Nigeria after they were caught having s3x at a public toilet.

The incident which happened at Mile Three Park, Port Harcourt, Rivers State in Nigeria was said to have involved a man in his 40s whose name was revealed as Stephen and another young man.

The caretaker of the toilet who spoke with reporters revealed that the man came to the toilet and paid for two people after which he was given some toilet roll to use the place but upon entering the place they then decided to make out.

According to the caretaker, he heard loud moaning coming from the toilet and decided to go check out what was happening and to his surprise saw the two people having [email protected] s3x.

The two after they were caught run for their lives in order to avoid been mobbed but were caught and handed over to the police.

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