‘Two Grown Ups’ Nayas & Pamela Shake Their A$$es In A New Video

Two full grown ups are on the internet seeking attention once again – Pamela Odame Watara and Nayas were seen in the studios of Accra based radio, Rainbow Radio exhibiting their ‘twerking’ skills.

In the video, the two ‘ladies’ were seen displaying their assets probably to grab some ‘mugu’.

This comes after the two were spotted in a viral video which suggested they were fighting each other, but Nayas described the scene as a movie scene hence should be ignored.

Pamela Odame, as she danced shook her ‘heavy duty’ melons whiles Nayas shook her backside which refused to shake and remained static in order to grab attention.

The video has surprised many social media users as they were stunned to see the two attention seekers dancing happily together after the two had engaged in a brawl over a ‘man’.

Watch the video below: 

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