Twene Jonas Orders Akufo-Addo To Pay Psalm Adjetefio Monthly Salary

Ghanaian internet sensation, Twene Jonas has ordered President Akufo-Addo to pay veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio monthly salary.

According to him, TT as affectionally called and fame of Taxi Driver must be enrolled on the government payroll, this would end the begging saga he added.

Twene Jonas has become the latest Ghanaian to react to the ongoing TT leaked audio saga in which he was heard begging for leftover food from MzGee, a media personality.

Twene Jonas said Akufo-Addo should get TT some newly graduated nurses to take care of the veteran actor because that’s their job.

The outspoken socialite descended heavily on the government for neglecting older people above 60years to going begging for money when the government can pay them a monthly salary and a place to sleep.

According to him, in the US all older people are taken care of by the government who pays them monthly and have given each one of them a nurse to take care of them.

Watch the video below;

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