TT Spent Money Given To Him By Badu Kobi To Build On Meat-Mr Beautiful

Ghanaian Actor Clement Bonney popularly known in the showbiz industry as Mr Beautiful has revealed during a recent interview that he is not bothered by the plight of veteran actor Psalm Adejeteyfio who is known as TT.

According to Mr beautiful, Prophet Badu Kobi gave the actor a very huge sum of money and even made his church sow a seed into his life after which he promised to use the money to go build a house but ended up using it for something that brought no profit.

Spaking during an interview with SammKay Media revealed that he doesn’t even feel a little pity for the man because he is the one causing harm to himself and should not be entertained by Ghanaians he doesn’t want things to move on well for him.

Mr Beautiful further revealed that TT after receiving the money left and started eating like he is a king as when he is eating, the meats that are been placed on the food can be used to perform the funeral rites of a chief.

Tho TT is yet to respond to the claims by the actor, Mr Beautiful has called on Sammykay to go to the church of Prophet Badu Kobi and conduct an investigation himself to ascertain if he is telling a lie or spoke the truth.

Watch the video below;

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