Angry Psalm Adjeteyfio curses DKB and other critics for mocking him (Video)

Psalm Adjeteyfio has expressed his utmost displeasure over the trolls on social media concerning his sickness and regular begging of money.

Following Dr. Bawumia’s 50,000 cedis donation to him as well as Accra Regional Minster’s 1,500 cedis monthly allowance, many Ghanaians took to the internet to mock him for not being smart with money during his youthful days.

DKB was the cheerleader of the attacks, he shared a video of his Twitter page to severely reprimand TT and also advised him to invest in the donations he has received because no one will come to his aid again when he goes broke.

TT who has heard and also seen video of these needless and pointless attacks from his critics has retaliated by lacing deep curses on all of them.

According to TT, they should all shut up and mind their businesses if they have nothing better or impactful to say about him.

He also recounted how sickness has taken a chunk of his life savings hence rendering him broke.

Infuriated Psalm Adjeteyfioalso begged God to allow the devil to torment the lives of his detractors.

Check out the video below to know more…


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