Thomas Partey Sparks Cheating Rumours As He Gets Cozy With British Lady

Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey has raised cheating rumours after being seen getting cozy with a British lady.

With their hands locked up coupled with the lovey-dovey moment they were sharting in his car, many believe Thomas Partey has started seeing someone aside from his original longtime girlfriend.

In the video, Thomas Partey is seen seated in the driver’s seat as the beautiful British lady shared a live TikTok video of their cozy moment together.

She went on to show their hands locked up which ostensibly meant Thomas Partey’s commitment to the lady.

Is Thomas Partey seeing a new woman? That is the question on the minds of many who have come into contact with the video.

Already, the Ghanaian international has a girlfriend who he has been dating for years before moving to the UK.

With footballers going in for suitors when they travel, many believe the unassuming Thomas Partey has begun to toll that line.

Watch the video below;

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