‘There is nothing wrong with dating a sugar daddy’ – Actress Jessica Williams

Almost every Ghanaian actress is endorsing the act of sleeping with sugar daddies for money, well, you can only ‘preach what you practice’.

Just when we thought we have had enough of the sugar daddies talk, Ghanaian actress Jessica Williams comes in again to stir up the waters.

Jessica Williams

Jessica’s comment really shows that she also sleeps with sugar daddies to gain cash for her extravagant and flashy lifestyle.

In an interview, the young actress added that people should not be judgmental of the choices of an individual.

She added that she is not attracted to a man because of money but if she is interested in a man and he is a sugar daddy, there is nothing wrong with it.

Jessica Williams advised ladies not to go after men who are married since such relationships do not last.

She had the view that older men are better than younger guys in the way they treat women. She added that she will not hesitate to accept the proposal of a sugar daddy if there is love.

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