There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Gay- Lord Paper

According to the musician who was speaking during an interview revealed that tho is not gay he has a few friends who are gays and engage in the LGBTQ+ act.

He further added that he sees nothing wrong with it since it is their choice and he respects them even tho he would never become a part of them and start engaging in the act.

” I don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientations because it is their choice and I respect that and I can’t tell anyone what to stop it because I also have friends who are gays

In other news Ghanaian musician Kidi has revealed that he would never talk about his colleague record label star Kuami Eugene ever during an interview because he is always misquoted.

Kidi who appeared on the United Showbiz over the weekend revealed that there has been countless occasions where he made statements out of love but ended up being misquoted by blogs and people.

The star who was asked by the host of the show Abieku Santana how things are between himself and Kuami Eugene begged for them to skip that question because he wouldn’t like people twisting his statement.

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