Lord Paper Reveals Why He Took Bosom PYung Verse Off His Song (Video)

Popular Ghanaian musician Lord paper who is known for his good lyrical content and music has for the first time spoken about the feud between himself and a colleague in the music industry Bosom pyung via an interview he recently had.

Paper who was speaking during an interview with Abieku Santana on Okay Fm revealed that it wasn’t intentional that he chose to remove the verse of bosom from his song as he has made the masses to think he did because he felt he was no longer relevant.

According to lord paper, he booked a studio session for himself and Bosom so they could work on the song which the musician agreed to show up when the day was set.

Fast forward to the day which the two were supposed to meet at the studio Bosom decided not to show up after telling lord paper that he was on the way which was untrue as he (lord paper) sat at the studio the whole day and left around 9 pm when bosom failed to appear.

After failing to appear he then decided to use Mr Drew who was also up for the feature leading to his verse been taken off the track.

Watch the interview below;


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