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GNAT Welcomes The President’s Decision To Re-open Schools

Following the president’s decision to re-open schools amidst the Coronavirus adveristy druing his 10th COVID-19 address to the nation; Ghana National Association Of Teachers has welcomed the president’s conclusion.

According to the national president of GNAT (Mrs Philipa Larsen) – facilitators positioned in the various junior and senior high schools are ready to go back to the classroom.

In the course of a press briefing she said ;

Teachers are ready to go back to the classroom and teach provided government supports them with all the requisite personal protective equipment (PPE’s) and safe guarding the well being of the school children and teachers

GNAT On the re-opening of schools

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo lifted the ban on the closure of schools marked by the novel coronavirus – solely for final year students in the various educational institutions during his 10th COVID-19 address to the nation last Sunday.

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