Teacher At Safo Kantanka’s School Beats Student Mercilessly, Nearly Kills Him

In a disturbing video sighted by Gossips24.com, a teacher at Apostle Safo Kantanka’s school (School of Arts and Science at Awoshie) allegedly lashed a student with canes mercilessly all because of his haircut.

In the said video which has gone viral on social media, the student is seen with huge marks of multiple strokes of canes at his back and people could be heard in the background suggesting that the teacher should be reported to the Police.

We cannot tell the next line of action in dealing with this sick teacher due to the breakout of lawlessness in the country, but this one must surely be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

Its unfortunate it is happening at Apostle Safo Kantanka’s School.

Watch the video below:

These are one of the many reasons why caning has been banned at the Junior High and Basic level of education in Ghana, especially in the public sector of education.

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