Stonebwoy ‘Murders’ Shatta Wale In A New Tweet

Stonebwoy has given Shatta Wale an uppercut reply a few hours after Shatta Wale downplayed his collaboration with major international Reggae/Dancehall artists in Jamaica.

In a post thanking his fans on Twitter, Stonebwoy replied Shatta Wale’s remarks that featuring major artists does not make him the best.

According to Stonebwoy, even if he walks on water, Shatta Wale will never appreciate it and accuse him of not being able to swim.

He called on his fans to ignore Shatta Wale’s ignorant rants on social media which stem from nothing relevant but Jealousy.

Stonebwoy tweeted:

At this juncture, I just wanna say big ups to all who support my journey. your Support is Tremendous hope I’m making you proud!! Remember that even if I walk on Water, Some people will say it’s because I can’t swim. Don’t Watch Dem! #DemDead #1Gad #ArdGad

After news of Stonebwoy’s collaboration with big men in Jamaican artists including Beenie Man and the others hit the media, Shatta Wale tweeted that “collaborating with everyone in the industry does not make you the best”.

His statements have been interpreted by many people in various ways but most of the critics believe its nothing but jealousy driving him. Chaley Stonebwoy is giving Shatta Wale too much pressure…lol


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