VIDEO: Teacher And Students “Omo Ada” Challenge Causes Stir On Social Media

A video of a young teacher and his pupils dancing to Medikal’s ‘Omo Ada’ song pops up on the internet and it’s so cute.

In the video spotted on Instagram by, the young teacher and his students were seen dancing to the lyrics in the song.

The moves by these young students and their teacher are the coolest thing on the internet and has been voted as the best ‘Omo Ada’ challenge so far.

Phylx Akakpo, the guy who shared the video on Instagram urged Medikal to look for the school and donate to them.

“Charley everyone got to see this! Teaching should be this fun! Best #OmoAda Challenge video I have seen!
@amgmedikal should go donate to this school”, Phylx wrote.

Meanwhile the location and name of the school is unknown, but the students were seen wearing Presbyterian school uniforms.

Watch video of the Challenge here:

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