Starboy Kwarteng set to release a new Ebony song

Mr Opoku Kwarteng, the father of late Ebony Reigns, is working to keep his daughter reigning and to that effect, he has a new song of Ebony to share with fans.

Two days ago, Mr Opoku Kwarteng, who has been nicknamed, Starboy Kwarteng, has announced he has set a new record label “Bony To The World” to handle any music related business of his late daughter.


Mr Opoku Kwarteng and Bullet, manager of the late “Kupe” singer, have also patched their rift so as to work together in managing the estates of Ebony and it seems the first product from their reunion will be a new Ebony song.

Taking to his Instagram account which he created recently, Mr Opoku Kwarteng has informed fans to get ready for a new song which will be tilted “Honey Honey”.

To a photo of himself with Ebony, he wrote “Honey Honey will soon hit your ears. Have a nice day”.

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Adding to “Konkonsa Police” and “Be My Driver”, “Honey Honey” will be the third song which has been released after the demise of the reigning VGMAs artiste of the year, who posthumously won the award, after some two months of her death through a gory accident.

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