SEE – Ayigbe Edem Replies Lady For Saying He Is Ugly

The mockery has gotten overboard and Ayigbe Edem evidently cannot take it anymore on people calling him a monkey and all that.

Jonilar shared a very nice picture of Ayigbe Edem on his Facebook wall promoting his yet to be released single titled “PHD”.

From nowhere, a lady by name Kakraba Small came and commented under the photo saying that Edem had his picture edited so he’s not naturally handsome – bullshit but funny.

Ah why is the picture edited like this ,pls pls. He is not handsome like I begggggg🙄🙄🤷‍♀️”, she wrote.

Being the first comment, rapper Edem didn’t take it lightly with the lady after seeing the comment, he also trolled the lady back.


Ayigbe Edem Replies Lady
Edem Replies Lady
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