I Am Doing What Pleases Me And My God – Ahuofe Patricia opens up on ‘smoking lifestyle’

Ghanaian actress, Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, who shot to fame with her role in ‘Boys Abr3’ comedy skit as Ahuofe Patricia has in the past weeks been heavily nibbled by social media users.

This came about when a new photo of Ahuofe Patricia surfaced online and Ghanaians on social media started asking what’s sucking and draining all the blood of the ex-screen goddess.

In the said photo, the actress was seen smoking. For many users online, she has been in the news for smoking, and taking a picture of that sort confirms the fact that she is indeed a smoker.

However, unflustered Ahuofe Patri has fired back at Ghanaians, saying they can go to hell for she is doing what pleases her and her God.

She wrote on instagram: ” Asem ni s3, I’m just a girl trying to live my life. I can decide to do whatever I want to do and hopefully to please my God and myself and that includes wearing whatever I want and posting whatever I want. We would all have to live with it. I advice you do same”.

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