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Reggae Musicians Are Not Weed Smokers – Root Eye

For decades, the popular perception about reggae musicians is that they virtually drink, bath and eat weed on daily basis.

Although the perception is somehow weird but there might be an iota of truth taking into consideration the lifestyle of reggae musicians in Jamaica. For several instances the late Bob Marley has been spotted in his old videos smoking weed as if the world will never come to an end.

Root Eye

Whatever the case, Root Eye who happens to be the Director for Reggae at the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has asked Ghanaians to stop associating marijuana or ‘weed’ with reggae musicians in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“I don’t get it when people associate reggae musicians with weed. It is so wrong for anyone to think that reggae musicians are weed smokers. The perception out there is that once you are a reggae musician then you definitely smoke.

“I know a lot of world class reggae musicians who do not smoke. The likes of Black Prophet, Lucky Dube and so many great reggae musicians do not smoke. This mentality especially among Ghanaians should be wiped away quickly,” he told Showbiz in an interview recently.

Root Eye advised reggae musicians to erase that perception by spreading the word that reggae music is not associated with weed.

“It will start with the reggae musicians preaching the word and erase that notion of weed being associated with reggae musicians,” he said.

Talking about the challenges such a perception has brought the reggae fraternity, Root Eye said corporate bodies are not willing to sponsor reggae events.

“I mostly draw a good plan and meet corporate bodies for a reggae concert but they always decline due to such perception. Although it will take a while to erase this it is better we start now.

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