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Prophet Badu Kobi drops another assumed fake prophecy about USA

Prophet Badu Kobi who came under a barrage of attacks after his prophecy about Donald Trump and the US elections turned “beans“; has dropped another intriguing prediction during an interview.


Speaking for the first time after his prophecy went south, the highly opinionated man of God told Kwabena Bobie Ansah on Accra FM that, irrespective of Joe Biden’s win, Donald Trump will be sworn in to enjoy his second term in the office of the Presidency come January 2021.


America has voted for Biden but I repeat that Trump will still be President”.

My prophecy said Trump will remain US President and so shall it be. Biden will never be America’s President

You know Trump is heading to the court. Let’s all be patient and wait, it is not over and I insist and repeat that Trump will be sworn in as US President in 2021… Trump is God’s choice although he is not the choice of Americans

He stressed during the exclusive interview.

Source: Gossips24.com

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