Princess Shyngle Reveals She Used To Be Pregnant And Would Have Been Seven Month By Now

Ghanaian-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has for the first time made some shocking revelation about how she lost her child after suffering a miscarriage while pregnant.

The actress who is known for exposing her body on social media took to her social media to reveal how happy she was when she was told that she was pregnant but unfortunately had the baby dying even before she gave birth.

Recounting her ordeal she revealed that she was asleep one day only to wake up to a very sharp pain which grew by the minute which led to her been rushed to the hospital.

According to her, the doctors at the hospital revealed to her that she was having an ectopic pregnancy which required surgery because the baby was lying outside the womb and she could die if she wasn’t operated on immediately.

Read the full narrative below;

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