Popular Ghanaian lesbian, Elladeevah Ellios, gang r@p*d by unknown boys for two ‘good days’ (video)

The Ghanaian community on Facebook has been shocked by the story of a popular Ghanaian lesbian on social media, Elladeevah Ellios who was gang r@ped by some unknown boys.

May be an image of 2 people

Elladeevah revealed in a series of posts shared on her Facebook profile that she was drugged and gang-raped for two days at an unknown location.

She cried out for help after the culprits who are yet to be apprehended wiped her phone which made her lose her contacts.

In a post, she wrote; “I was recorded, drugged and raped for 2 good days!! Current location Cantoment police hospital. I need all the support I can get 😭😭😭😭😭. My life has come to an end, I want to die”.

As to how the drugged Elladeevah knew she was recorded while the act was ongoing, that is another mystery yet to be uncovered.


SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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