Pope Skinny Reveals Secrets Behind Shatta Wale & Married Woman’s Bj Video

Shatta Wale started this snitching game after he sacked Pope Skinny from his Shatta Movement but it appears Pope Skinny is having the last laugh now; the Hiplife artist is determined to finish what Shatta Wale started.

Pope Skinny has just blown the cover of the lady who was captured in the famous Blow Job video of Shatta Wale which went viral in June 2018. According to Pope Skinny, the lady is a married woman; she is married to a rich white man.

The former Linquist of Shatta Wale explained that Shatta Wale leaked the video to hype his “Thunder Fire” song which he had just released at the time and was not enjoying much airplay.

Skinny claims Shatta Wale intentionally showed the face of the lady to disgrace her. According to him, Shatta Wale has been complaining that despite the riches of the SM Diva, she does not give him some of the money. Shatta, therefore, showed her face in the video to disgrace her to everyone.

However, Pope Skinny explained that he was not the other guy in the video with Shatta Wale receiving the BJ. The guy has also left Shatta Wale after he realized Shatta Wale is a fake guy.


Their beef started When Shatta Wale sacked Pope Skinny, Blade, Good Over Evil and some other guys from Shatta Movement Family. He claimed they were fake guys driving his true fans away from him.

But the mudslinging started when Shatta Wale dropped some wild filla Pope Skinny shared with him including how he raped a Canadian girl.

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