PHOTOS: Nigerian Man And His American Bride Gets Married In A Tricycle

Photos of a Nigerian man and his beautiful American Bride celebrating their wedding in a Tricycle has got social media users talking.

Social media users including myself are confused and surprised as to why these couple decided to use tricycle for their wedding..but unfortunately no one knows why.

The buzzing photos of the couple happily chopping love in the tricycle popularly known as ‘Pragya’ in some part of Ghana are spreading like wildfire and the reason is obvious lol.

But on the real, these couple have shown us that, you don’t need a Range Rover or Ferrari to get married.

I wish couples of today would learn from them since it’s cost effective as compared to renting or buying a car just to show off.

This ‘unusual’ wedding ceremony took place in Adamawa State Nigeria.

SEE Photos Below:

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