Exclusive: Patapaa was forced to marry his German-girlfriend after impregnating her

Patapaa’s marriage came as a big shock to the masses. This was because they had announced about a year ago that there were going to exchange marital vows but it appeared to be one of the empty-gimmicks celebs employ to make it into the news and trend in the process after headlining several articles on major news blogs.

Prior to his wedding ceremony which came off over the weekends, the two love birds ( Patapaa and Liha Miller) had shared a short video of themselves in which they exclusively dropped the date for their wedding ceremony.

The aftermath of their wedding ceremony has been an elite example of overwhelming feeling of great happiness citing the cheerfulness on their faces during the two major interviews they have hosted so far, one with Adom Tv and the other with Okay FM.

Albeit the ridicule and name-calling Patapaa suffered before he finally settled dwon with his German girlfriend, the “One Corner” hitmaker has fallen under another severe barrage of attacks following his own public confession.

As unconsciously revealed by the king of borla songs, he was forced and also in a rush to tie the knot with Liha Miller after he got her her pregnant.

He also added that, they both have the plans of having many children in the future to cement the deep-bond they now share.

Over joyed Patapaa mistakenly dropped former confidential info on live air in the course of an interview with Abeiku Santana.

Many citizens have tagged Patapaa as a hypocrite because with reference to his own confession, he had no intentions of marrying Liha and equally doesn’t deeply love her as he poses to share a deep affection for her.

It’s now obvious that had it not being the pregnancy, Patapaa would have dumped her a$$ along the way.

Source: Gossips24.com

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