Social media users have coined a named for the yet unidentified sugar daddy that the two heavyweight d!ck boxers [ Tracey Boakye and Mzbel] are fighting over which has taken over trends on the local internet community. The new viral same time hilarious cliche in town now is PAPA NU.

Yes, who is PAPA NU? Today we at bring to you four key facts you need to know about the mystery PAPA NU. The Ghanaian internet space has been dramatic for the past two weeks after Mzbel and Tracey Boakye openly waged a fierce e-war against each other over a rich sugar daddy who has allegedly dumped Mzbel for Tracey Boakye.

Many respected personalities both accomplished politicians and moneyed businessmen have been fingered to be the mystery PAPA NU by social media detectives.

From the little information, we have gathered from social media commentaries on the feud between these two heavyweight d!ck boxers and from the subtle secrets they unconsciously dropped on the local cyberspace via their successive needles and pointless rants.

Grab your popcorn and coca-cola as we at present to you four key facts about the PAPA NU you need to know.

  1. The PAPA NU is a presidential aspirant on the ticket of one of the leading political parties in Ghana. According to widespread speculations on various social media platforms; The PAPA NU once used a popular song by Daddy Lumba dubbed Yentie Obiaa as his 2016 campaign message to Ghanaians.
  2. The PAPA NU is married to a very beautiful industrious woman who recently celebrated her birthday. They both have 5 kids together.
  3. The PAPA NU dumped Mzbel for Tracey Boakye because the former had grey hair on her toto as lagged by the later in one of her 1 million rant videos.
  4. The PAPA NU is the main sponsor behind the cars, houses and money both Tracey Boakye and Mzbel flaunt on their social media pages.

We will be bringing you more filla about the PAPA Nu as the drama keeps getting tense on the electronic highway. For the meantime, tell us who the PAPA NU is; Citing from the key facts stated in the article in the comment box below



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