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“Ghanaian leaders are certified f0ols, I will continue to insult them till they become sensible” – Twene Jonas

Ghanaian internet sensation who has now become a thorn in the flesh to our leaders has vowed never to end his daily rants on our leaders till they become sensible and mould Ghana as the dream country we have all been yearning for.

Twene Jonas who is currently based in the USA has promised to tighten his seat belt to face our leaders via his bashing on Facebook.

In a live video he hosted, he described  Ghanain leaders as certified fools who have deliberately refused to work competently to make Ghana develop.

Twene Jonas also argued that if America which is not as rich as Ghana in terms of natural resources has been able to develop into a first-class country, then what is preventing Ghana with all our resources from also developing.

Source: Gossips24.com

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