“You Will Get HIV And Chase Me For My Healing Water” – Bro Sammy fires Ola Michael

Gospel musician Bro Sammy has become talk of Ghana following the invention of his spiritual divine healing water. According to him, God has doubled his anointing as he now prepares a special water that can cure HIV, Hepatitis B, Cancer, Gonorrhoea, etc.

In several interviews, Bro Sammy has mentioned how God revealed Himself to him in one night and in the process, showed him how to prepare the special water under discussion. He added that he saw Angel Gabriel as well as Michael on that fateful night he had the encounter with God.

He bragged of how the spiritual divine healing water has already cured about 50 persons who hitherto were HIV positive and is optimistic it will end the country’s search for the cure of the virus.- Advertisement –

“I have used the spiritual divine healing water to cure more than 50 persons and that is my evidence. It is called quick action. God gave it to me to help Ghana. I start manufacturing it at 1am and end at 2am. Any other time apart from this will render it ineffective”, he revealed.

Consequently, majority of Ghanaians on social media who have seen Bro Sammy talking about his new invention have blasted him for being fake, unscrupulous and diversionist of the Good News!

But responding to the popular perception in an interview with Fante Quoo, Bro Sammy has charged doubting Thomases’ Ghanaians to keep insulting him via social media until they’re infected with HIV, Hepatitis B, Cancer or Gonorrhoea. To the best of his knowledge, such people will run to him for his special divine healing water someday.

“In Ghana people will always talk about you no matter what. If an European do something we’re cool but for a Ghanaian, hell no! Regardless sit on Facebook and insult me. You’ll definitely run to me when you’re infected with HIV someday”, Bro Sammy clapped back.

Watch snippet of the interview below:

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