Only Aimless, Foolish And Useless Men Go After Girls – Counselor Adofoli

Men who have vision and are focused in life are those every woman will love to spend her life with and therefore will go extra mile to win the love of such a person, according to renowned marriage counselor Motivator, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur, Frank Edem Adofoli.

The reverse however is men who have no ambition in life, have lost morals, self-respect and self-worth who go chasing girls, deceive and convince them in order to win their love because they have nothing to offer.

Counselor Adofoli explains that the reason why many boys are chasing girls today is because of they lack the ingredients that will attract the girls to them and that they have what the women need, they need to beg, convince or deceive the ladies.

Read the full text below;

The mature learns to walk away from people and situations that threaten their success in life, peace of mind, values, morals, self-respect and self-worth. But the story is different when it comes to boys. Instead of them following their dreams and goals in life, most either divert in exchange for girls or try to add girls to it. Some are successful in getting the girl but unsuccessful with their goal and eventually they lose the girl as well.

Ladies follow a man with goals, a man who has something to show for their direction in life, not a man who has none. The reason why many boys are chasing girls today is because of that. If you have what the woman needs, you don’t need to beg, convince or deceive her.

If guys understand that a woman is looking for a man with goals and will stop chasing them but rather chase their goals, then one day, these ladies will follow them. A woman cannot follow a man who has nowhere going in life. A woman cannot follow a man who has no roof over their head, a woman cannot follow a man who has no job, a woman cannot follow a man who is struggling to stand on his feet.

Here we have boys in school who were chasing their goals but decided to put that on hold and rather go chasing ladies. Some combine their academic work with chasing girls and at the end of their course they come out average when they had all it takes to hold a first class degree. Due to that, they don’t end up in their dream job and position.

Today, lots of guys who have re-sits to write in various schools as a result of girls they were following. The time they were supposed to devote or dedicate to their studies, they spent it having fun or chasing ladies.

The little resources that you had to invest into your dreams or future you decided to waste it as feeding fee to a girlfriend. The money for the business, you used it to impress a girlfriend, when asked, you claim you were investing in a wife to be.

When it was time to marry her, she claimed you were not her class, not her type, and you don’t have A,B,C. She is telling you the bitter truth. You are not the right person for her, you don’t have any goal of your own. You are stagnant at one place and she can’t follow you. Don’t be mad, cursing her. Don’t go crazy calling her names.

Young man, she is right. It is you who has been foolish all this while. Stop threatening the suitors who come her way. You are just a boyfriend, a boy who decided to waste your resources on her. Admit you don’t have what it takes to keep her, let her go in peace and not in pieces.

Chasing girls could be seen as easy and fun because you are adventurous and full of energy , a simple hello could start a relationship now but I can assure you, it will end up in a complicated goodbye if you don’t have what it takes to keep her.

In conclusion “Take a lesson from the ants, you lazy fellow. Learn from their ways and be wise!” – Proverbs 6:6 (TLB).

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