Okomfo Kwadee Is Mentally Stable Now- Delay

Jerry Anabaa, popularly known as Okomfo Kwadee is a Ghanaian rapper who hails from the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The rapper who stopped rapping years ago due to his mental illness is once again back on track per reports.

Kwadee was  said to be mentally unstable some time ago and was taken to the physiatric hospital to recover.

His unfortunate condition affected his sense of humour and was unable to grant interviews without getting angry.

In one of his radio interviews, Okomfo Kwadee was asked to highlight on his exploits in the music industry but it appeared Kwadee didn’t like how the conversation was going so he became angry and poured his anger on the show host.

But according to Deloris Frimpong Manso, host of the ‘Delay show’, Okomfo Kwadee is mentally stable now and was able to recall all past events during their last encounter.

Here is a video to prove her claims.


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