Offset Gifts Wife Cardi B A Mansion As Birthday Gift-Video

Americain rapper Offset is said to have bought his wife Cardi B a mansion as she celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday in California.

The event which saw some close friends and family at the event was said to have been gifted a very plush mansion in the Dominican Republic as he claimed he bought it with hopes to honor not only her birthday but the past years.

Taking the mic to announce the birthday present he revealed that he bought the mansion as a gift to prove his love for cardi B as well as thank her for giving him a beautiful son.

“So I bought you a house in the DR. Yessir, that’s how we coming, pool on the roof. God is good,” he stated saying.

Cardi B who later confirmed the news of the mansion revealed that she was very happy that his husband offset has been able to buy a house in the  DR as she has been planing of investing in short-term rentals of houses in the  DR and also the Caribbean.

Taking to her Instagram page to thank her husband she wrote saying;

My love

For a hot minute now I’ve been telling Set that I really want to invest in short term home rental properties in the DR and other Caribbean countries (since people vacation all year around in those locations), but I felt like he didn’t agree with me and would rather put money into other investments.

Well, I was wrong 🥳. I just can’t believe this 🥺! This was sooo amazing to me. For one, I’m so happy that you were actually really listening to me and not just smiling and nodding your head so I could stop talkin to you about it 😂. Two, you don’t think my investment ideas are wack 😩 and three, I love that you asked my dad to work with you on this. You and my dad (and the 🤱🏽) are the most important men in my life and it makes me so happy that you guys are close and have your own bond and relationship.

I ♥️♥️ you so much and I can’t wait for this hangover to go away so I can show you my full appreciation 😈😈

Watch the video below;

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