“I’m not a prostitute” – Naomi Gold refutes claims

One night wonder celebrity, Naomi Gold – has rubbished the assertions which projects her as a prostitutes who intelligently markets herself as a model to the world in order to get clients.

According to Naomi Gold who is confident nude model and fashionista, she doesn’t go around sleeping around with men for money.

Whiles speaking with Abena Perry of GHbase TV, she disclosed that she makes around 20,000 cedes every month from her modelling profession so there’s no way she will trade her coochie for money.

She also noted that being a nude model comes with a lot of courage and to chose such a career depends on one’s confidence and ardent desire to go against the norms of society.

Detailing why she chose to be a nude model; Naomi Gold confessed that during her teen years, her father used to strip her naked after beating her to disgrace her so she grew not ashamed of being naked.

Source: Gossips24.com

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