Mzgee React To Criticism After She Dropped Audio Of TT Begging For Leftovers

Ghanaian media practitioner Mzgee has finally come out to react to the bashing and criticism that people have rained on her for dropping an audio of TT of the taxi driver fame begging for leftovers.

The audio after its inception led to many people in the entertainment industry calling her out for releasing the conversation which was supposed to be private.

Mzgee coming out to speak also revealed that she is surprised by the way that people are raining insults on her as she was the same person who made the predicament of TT known a year ago when his rent was due.

Taking to her Instagram handle he wrote saying;

Thanks to all who have bashed me and called me all sort of names, thanks to the few right thinking industry folks who have called.
May God have mercy on all of us!
Thank God, the internet never forgets

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