Amanda Jissih Throw “Heavy Punches” At Mzgee For Recording TT Asking For Leftovers

Ghanaian TV presenter Amanda Jisih has come out to question why Mzgee would record an audio of Psalm Adjeteyfio pleading for leftover foods from her.

According to Amanda who couldn’t understand why the TV presenter could be soo wicked to disgrace the veteran actor in such a way took to her social media to quiz her on what she did.

Psalm Adjeteyfio in a whatsapp audio which was leaked online was heard begging the former entertainment host on TV3 Mzgee for some leftover food should she have any in her kitchen.

Amanda who felt displeased by the act of Mzgee took to social media to write saying;

He asked for leftovers and you decided to record him? what for ? This is wrong Mzgee. He confided in you. If you can’t help him let him know and end it right there

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