Funny Face reveals how his baby mama slapped the hell out of him after he refused to go a second round

Funny Face and his baby-mama, Vanessa, are doing more harm to themselves than they think. These stupid actions and revelations from them will forever haunt them till the end of them.

The two have dirtied themselves on the internet since last weekend and are still washing away the last heap of respect and dignity left on their reputations.

Both are trading allegations of domestic abuse. The lady claims Funny Face abuses her and he’s also claiming she abuses him.

To justify the allegations they have levelled against each other, they have released more than a million audios and videos into the public domain to establish the truth of their accusations.

Latest from the camp of Funny Face is how Vanessa slapped the hell out of him after he refused to go another round during a s3x marathon.

As claimed by the comic actor, Vanessa was baptized in river orgasm so anytime he refuses to eat her work, his house turns into a war zone.


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