Moesha Deletes All Posts, Photos From Social Media After Exposing And Dropping ‘Fake’ Prophecies About Celebs

Repented Christian Moesha Boduong has reset all her social media to scratch as she deletes all engagements.

In the latest development, the socialite has deleted all posts and photos from her Instagram, for reasons she did not state.

Her followers and following, however, remains intact.

Moesha faced backlash from a group of celebrities when she made a comment they tagged as false while advising her to seek therapy.

Following a sudden breakdown in 2021, Moesha has been on and off social media to protect her mental health.

She first deleted her Instagram posts when she retrieved her phone after her first explosive crisis session, which led to the revelation of bombshells.

Based on this trend, it is safe to say she deleted all her engagements due to the recent crisis or backlash she has faced.

Moesha, who was once very active on social media, dropping more than one post per day, has suddenly gone on a hiatus.

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