I Feel Happy When Replying My Critics – AK Songstress

Sometimes when celebrities get involved in controversies or are criticised, the safest option they take is to keep quiet.

The idea is that responding to the matter will fan the fires and keep it in the public domain longer but keeping quiet lets it blow over quickly.

However for Reggae/Dancehall act, AK Songstress, keeping quiet is not in her dictionary. According to her, replying your critics is the right thing to do and she finds delight in doing that.

“For me I find delight in replying my critics, I do that a lot. Sometimes, people forget we are human too and need to be respected.

“You cannot sit in your home and write or say anything about me and expect me to sit down quietly. No, I will set the records straight and reply you,” she told Showbiz.

Asked if she had ever been offended by a comment from a fan or a news item written about her, AK Songstress said no.

“I do not allow things get to me at all, in fact, it will be hard for anyone to get to me. I must also say I like it when people say things that are not true about me because that is the only time I get to reply or answer them so they should keep it coming,” she stated.

AK Songstress, real name Akosua Kwakye, said because she does not allow things get to her, she has never suffered depression.

“I like to ask for answers and clear things up so there is nothing like depression. I have never suffered that and I do not think I will ever go through.

“I have soo much love around me and lots of people who look up to me.”

AK Songstress has dropped a new single, Operation Feed Yourself and she gave an insight into what the song is about.

“The song is just to encourage ladies to work hard and be their own boss so that they do not end up being a burden on any man.

“As women, we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to do. Every woman should be able to afford her basic needs and not depend on a man for everything.”

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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