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Men Who Lick Their Partners Must Be Reported To The Police – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Arguably, penetration is the ideal way a man should employ to make his woman happy during sexual intercourse. But for some strange reasons, men of today employ dubious ways to satisfy their women during intercourse.

One of the strange ways is licking and you can’t actually blame men who engage in that weird act. Some might have a genuine reason to give especially those with weak genitalia.

For no man with strong, fit and active genitalia will go down and lick the vagina which is infected with enzymes and bacteria, scientifically. Perhaps reason why Layer Maurice Ampaw has advised the general public to report any man they regard as licking suspect to the nearby police.-

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The act, according to private legal practitioner and founder of the Legal Advocacy Foundation, Dr Maurice Ampaw, does not only deviates from the natural order of sexual intercourse but also breaches the laws of Ghana.

Speaking in an interview on Kumasi-based Angel FM, Maurice Ampaw challenged Ghanaians to feel free to report any person they may find engaging in oral sex or otherwise known as licking to the police to effect their arrest.

“Such matters are not reported because it often involves two willing individuals and so there are no complainants; but if you have any evidence of such acts rush to the police to report it”, he said.

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Describing oral sex as “unholy, criminal, disgusting and obscene”, he called out people who have had occasions to use their mouths on the genitalia of others as “foolish abnormal perverts” who are destined for hell fire.

“There is no place for the penis or vagina in anybody’s mouth, so if they bite it off or transmit any diseases” in the process, the law would not hold them for any harm.


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