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Man goes viral after he joined vehicular traffic with his wheelbarrow (video)

To be honest, this particular video got me rolling on the floor because it’s soo funny to watch and difficult to comprehend the actions of this yet to be identified man.

Apparently, he is trending without even been aware of how far his video has reached on the internet.

In this fast trending video which is currently leading the trends table, this young man who might possibly be a bricklayer was filmed pushing a wheelbarrow on a major road and even joining and obeying traffic regulations.

Interestingly, none of the drivers in the traffic yelled at him to stop being an idiot. Neither did he try to overtake any of the cars ahead of him also.

And now the big question is, why would a sane person be wasting all his precious time in avoidable traffic when he can move about freely on the pedestrian lane? Discuss!

But before then, enjoy the video below to know more…

Source: Gossips24.com

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