Oldman Disgraces Fine Lady After He Saw Her Staking Lotto-Video

The current hardship in the country has led many into doing things which they wouldn’t have done on the normal but due to hardship have to put aside their pride and do them just so they can get money to feed.

Well, it looks like an old man couldn’t fathom why a fine young lady could be soo bold enough to come stand by a lotto kiosk and stake some numbers she has calculated and was sure would play.

In the video, the old man was spotted calling on H.E President Nana Akuffo Addo to come see the result of his bad governance in the country which has resulted in women also staking lotto.

“Nana Addo come and look at the way ladies are also staking lotto due to the hardship in the country.”He was heard saying.

Watch the video below;


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