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Main Chick Beats The Hell Out Of Side Chick After Catching Her At The Mall With Her Boyfriend (video)

The month of October has been an interesting one in the news space of Ghana, both entertainment and social stories.

Well, it all started from BBC’s expose dubbed Sex For Grades in which the public got attached to the tag ‘Side boy’.

Among all the scandals, one which took over the trends on twitter and facebook, was the girl who beat her cheating boyfriend with Chalewote.

Just when we thought peace had been restored, another video is fast trending.

From the video sighted by Gossips24.com, a main chick dealt with a side chick after she caught her with her boyfriend.

Apparently this side chick, with a slim body, has been taking all the attention the main chick used to get from her man.

She gracefully met them at the mall after her guy took this side chick out for shopping.

Per what Gossips24.com sighted, the main chick took the wig cap of the side chick off and used it to lash the hoeing spirit out of her.


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