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Bitter-lonely slay queen insults newly-wed Lexis Bill (screenshot)

The comments some people make on Facebook and other social media networks goes a long way to show how pathetic their lives outside the internet is.

In most cases, it’s people who have suffered from numerous heartbreaks that hate on happy couples and this lady is no exception.

This dark-hearted Facebook user whose comment was not needed in the first place.

Went ahead to describe how “disgusting” Lexis Bills front teeth appear to her under an article Joy News’ shared concerning the presenter’s wedding

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How can a person be damn stupid and confident enough to exhibit her idiocy to the world with not even an iota of with of shame whatsoever? Ah well, a question for the gods!

According to this half-witted critic, she can’t imagine kissing Lexis Bill because his teeth terrifies her, ironically this a scenario which will also never happen but she’s wasting her time and energy to think deeply and at length on it.

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I might punch her so hard in the face so let me end here! Kindly take a look at the post below to know more.

Source: Gossips24 .com

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