Kwaw Kese Calls Tinny ‘‘Miserable”

Kwaw Kese was on YFM‘s Ryse N Shyne with Ms Naa and DJ Loft to talk new music and his recent banter with Tinny in the media.

Tinny in a recent radio interview labelled Kwaw Kese as a wack rapper and later jumped into his [Kwaw] Direct Message on Instagram with prove that he was trending.

Talking about Tinny, the ‘Man Insane‘ described Tinny as miserable.

“Tinny went on radio in his miserable state and said I was a wack rapper. We never had bad blood. After that he came into my inbox to show me that he was ‘trending’. I felt he was using me for news and he got it for a couple of days. As people, we are equal but when it comes to this music business, people will justify that I’m ahead of him.

“What he did was childish. We never had bad blood. We attended the same school and that’s Last Two Music and he was my senior but now I’m ahead when it comes to the music.”


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