Kofi Adoma exposed for dumping his first wife[VIDEO]

The buzz is about Kofi Adomah’s confession that he made Wednesday on the radio. The talk of the town right now is his public confession that he’s sleeping with numerous women and having children with them as well.

While he was celebrating his birthday on Wednesday, Kofi Adomah’s wife, Mrs. Miracle Adomah, paid him a surprise visit inside the studios of Angel FM.

When Kofi Adomah saw his loved ones, he started crying since he had never imagined such a big surprise. Later, he made some shocking confessions on live television, including having kids with various women and occasionally sleeping around.

Kofi Adomah recounted how his wife’s father, a military veteran, vowed never to let him marry his daughter during the early years of their relationship. As a result, he felt pressured to date other women and subsequently have children.

This is followed by another shocking revelation. Kofi Adoma’s baby mama’s friend has come forward to call out the presenter for deceiving the public about his marriage.

The friend claims to be quite close with Kofi Adomah and his first wife.

The woman who provided the recording claimed that Kofi Adomah first met Miracle while he was dating his first wife, but that he later dumped her. Her mental health suffered as a result.

Watch the video below;

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