KNUST Student Causes ‘Ritual’ Scare By Sitting In River, Authorities React

Some students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) were thrown into a state of frenzy when a student was seen seated in a river.

The bald female student was been seated on a chair in the Bibini River near the University.

Her continuous stay in the river sparked rumour amongst the student body who felt she was performing a ritual in the river…her blue gown gave many reasons to believe she was up to something fishy.

It was spread across the university that the student was probably in the river to perform sacrifices to the gods which could have dire repercussions on the students.

However, authorities of the university have come out to clarify the artistic motivation behind the students’ actions.

According to the Voice of KNUST, the said student was a postgraduate student who was in the river as part of a project…thus she had no aim to scare the students with her action.

This girl sitting in the Bibini River KNUST for about 6 hours is not there to scare any student but it’s an artistic part of a project for some postgraduate students.”

Watch the video below;

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