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Kind Tracey Boakye Buys 60D Brand New Camera For A Blogger

It goes without saying that Tracey Boahye is one of the very few celebrities out there trying to use their money and influence to open doors for the younger ones.

During the festive period, Tracey donated lots of items to the less privileged so they could also smile during Christmas.

Today, the kind east Legon Landlady bought a brand new Canon 60D camera for a blogger who have been tagging her in his posts for sometime now.

According to Tracey Boakye, she has been doing this for young people behind the scence for sometime now but decided only to post this one.

Probably just to motivate others to also help in their own small ways. This is lovely and may God always bless her.

We also hope the young blogger will put this camera into good use and make a living out of it.

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