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It’s Not Compulsory To Change Your Name After Marriage – Counsellor Tells Women

Marriage as the union between two consented adults is one of the most intriguing facets of our lives. A Nigerian counselor has educated women as to why it is not compulsory to have your husband’s name after marriage as a woman.

The relationship expert said this and more on her official Facebook page.

The relationship expert penned;

Dear Nigerian women,Your proof of marriage is your MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Not your change of name.Canada, UK, US or most countries do NOT request for your change of name to prove your marriage. Such NONSENSE happens only in Nigeria or maybe some African countries.Some women have expressed concern about how they were told that their Visa would be denied because they didn’t change their names. That’s a FALLACY! Whoever told you that LIED to you and the person is mad.Even to travel with your children, all you need to prove you are their mothers is their BIRTH CERTIFICATE bearing your names their birth mother. You do NOT have to be bearing same name with them. Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate is all you need to prove that a child is yours.In some cases, you might be required to get a consent letter from their father. Just like a man can also be required to get a consent letter from the mother of his children before traveling abroad with the children. Because both the father and mother have EQUAL parental rights, except if decided otherwise by a court. In which case, you would need a court letter granting you full/sole custody. This consent letter requirement is for the purpose of clamping down on Child Adoption/Kidnap by either parents. Like situations where a mother or father will run abroad with the children without the consent of the other parent.The point is that married women are NOT required to change their names or bear same names with their children to get a Visa or travel with their children.These are some of the bullshit lies they tell you to force you to change your name against your will.Even in cases where Visa officers require additional documentation as proof of marriage, they request for proof of address that you both share same address, Utility Bills, and/or Statement of Joint Bank Account. They never or hardly ever request for change of name.That said, change your name if you want. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. I WON’T!”

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