I will never date a broke guy – Mauvee Hayford

People have said it over the years that they would not opt for a man who is broke or has nothing going on for him financially even if they love him with all their hearts. To such persons, money remains the foundation and basis of choosing a partner.

Hitz Fm female presenter Mauvee Hayford says she tried dating a broke man and she realised it is a wrong move. “I cannot be with somebody I don’t find attractive, I see some of these girls and they are driving Range Rovers and when I see their sugar daddies, I get shocked, me I can’t do that.”

“I won’t date a broke guy, I’ve dated a broke guy before but I am not going to do it again, the wrong move yeah yeah yeah the wrong move. There are certain times in your life, when you get to a certain level, you have to upgrade, like when you are in school you shouldn’t make money the only reason why are in a relationship unless you are the breadwinner of the family and you think you need a quick financial bailout then it’s up to you”.


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