I will be a fool to use Jesus’ picture in my church – Rev Obofour tells why

Over the years, Africans have argued as to whether Jesus Christ was indeed white as seen the movies we have all grown up to see on our screens during christian-related festive seasons (Christmas and Easter), black or white? The image we’ve all accepted will be debated on for a while but Rev Obofour won’t be a part of that debate!

Ghanaian top notch minister of God, and the founder of APC Church widely known as Rev Obofour, has revealed to his church members why he will not use the image of Jesus in any of his Church activities.

According to him, he will be a fool to use Jesus Picture because it’s fake.

In his scheduled church meeting with with his members at Achimota branch in Accra, he also added that, why should he continue to use an image imposed to him by our colonial masters who killed and maltreated our fore fathers.



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