I Was Left Helpless After being Flogged 20 Times – Lady In Popular Wa Sextape Reveals

Wa has been trending since last week after a male and female were flogged mercilessly after a bedroom video of themselves hit the internet. They had some inhuman flogs and have been allegedly asked to marry themselves since their bedroom video is out.

We are in the twenty-second year of the twenty-first century, making people think it was too harsh for people to be flogged this way because of a leaked bedroom video. A lot of people didn’t find the action appropriate, but it was alleged that the Chief of Wa ordered the flogging.

Hower in the latest revelation by the lady in the video on TV3, she said:

“When the young men came to me, they told me to go with them to the palace and while we were on our way, they kept beating me until we reached the palace.”

“Among the crowd, I could hear people yell, flog her, flog her. There was nobody to my rescue.”

 “I was severely injured with bruises and blisters on my back and buttocks after they flogged me 20 times.

“I was left to my fate. I had to call a friend who took me to the Wa Municipal Hospital for treatment and paid for the treatment; I think it was between GH¢500 and GH¢600.”

“I cannot go back to the station and work after this humiliation and torture. I wish I could get a decent job elsewhere to cater for myself.”

Source: Gossips24.com

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