“I used to give Samini lorry fare because he was very broke back then” – Ayisha Modi reveals

Ayisha Modi has bragged that she was the one who supported Samini’s career in the beginning before he became the Samini that we all know now.

Whiles speaking in an interview with Dave Hammer, Ayisha Modi said that largely invested money into Samini’s career and ensured that he would become a great musician in Ghana and Europe.

In the middle of the interview, Ayisha Modi recalled how she used to pay payola to prominent DJs so that they could play his songs on the radio all the time

Ayisha additionally added that she used to give Samini lorry fare to grant interviews on various radio stations for interviews in addition to the money she paid to DJs as payola for playing his songs.

She continued that even when Samini became famous and widely known, she never stopped investing in him.

She, however, said all her sacrifices have not been recognized as the dancehall musician keeps refusing to acknowledge the remarkable role she played in his life.

Source: Gossips24.com

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